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An effective Website is an essential tool for any Company or Business

In 2020, not having a Site is a mistake not to be made, because a company’s success comes through the Web . Every person, in fact, is constantly online to search for information, services and products. The first idea he gets comes from the very Site he finds.

It is clear that today being present with an effective, original Site that strikes the attention of those who browse is the essential starting point for converting users into new customers and increasing sales and turnover .

Is your Website really effective?

There are many factors that affect a website’s ability to attract visitors and turn them into customers. We want to tell you about them and invite you to analyze your Site to see if it is just a useless showcase or if it can be a weapon that will lead you to success.

1. Content and Design

Users are now used to browsing, they know what they want and they know how they want it. If your Site does not attract attention right away, you risk being “one of many” and the User will leave and never return. This, is a Customer lost forever! So, a Site must be eye-catching, striking in originality, have something that differentiates it from others. The content must be clear and up-to-date and the design clean and graphically beautiful.

2. Navigability

No to complex, complicated and overly challenging Sites. Users want simplicity and do not have time to waste. Information must be clear, easily available, and quick to understand. This will make a Site navigable with pleasure.

3. Google presence

Google is the place where everyone searches. If your Site is not optimized and positioned, you risk not being found. It must contain the right words, keywords, that allow search engines to find the content users are looking for. Without this, no one will ever know you have a Site!

4. Update

People receive millions of news items every day. If there is always the same information on your Web Site , it becomes boring. The User will browse there once and then not come back. It’s important to be interesting and always “on point.” Does your Site have a blog? This is the best way to give continuous updates. It will lead people to become curious and return because their curiosity is stimulated.

5. Mobile Friendly

Almost 80% of people navigate via mobile. New sites must be designed to be navigable on smartphones and tablets, otherwise you risk losing potential customers who, not finding a suitable site, will not return.

These are some of the indispensable features that just cannot be missing from an effective Web Site.

Is your Website really effective? Or could it “give” more?

If you would like a consultation to understand where your Site is at and how to make it a most powerful weapon for increasing Customers and Sales, please contact us!


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