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Google rewards Mobile Friendly Sites

Let’s start with the definition: a Mobile Friendly Site is one that can be navigated properly from any device, i.e., cell phone, tablet and computer.

It is critical that your site be Mobile Friendly because more than 80 percent of people today browse online via mobile every day to find what they are looking for.

A Mobile Friendly site allows you to intercept more users

When Users browse, they want the sites they enter to be quick, clear, immediate .

If your site loads slowly, content is cut off, navigation is complex and messy, do you know what happens? That the user leaves to turn to more functional sites. And most likely he will never return to your site.

In building your site you must consider mobile navigation, which requires its own analysis and planning.

Google thinks so too and is now going to reward mobile friendly sites and push down all others, which are now considered “old” to the web world.

Over time, if you do not adapt to these new rules, you will drop in Google results .

Therefore, thinking that investing in mobile marketing is a waste of money is a misconception: over time, your site will disappear, and people who log on via smartphones or tablets with ever-increasing expectations in terms of viewing websites will end up relying on companies that instead have an online presence with mobile-friendly logic.

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