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E-commerce Italy: boom in online sales

E-commerce in Italy: it is increasingly an opportunity for those with a Business. And, at the same time, a real necessity for end users.

The health emergency that has affected the whole world has made this very clear. Without the web, with the inability to leave, every activity was blocked.

Online sales +80%.

During the lockdown, online purchases surged sharply

Thus, we have seen tremendous growth in online shopping, even by less regular consumers, who until then were reluctant to buy on the Web and to online payments.

This is evidenced by the fact that 77 percent of those selling online acquired new customers during the blockade. (data from theMilan Polytechnic’sNetcomm E-commerce Observatory )

While 75% of those who bought online in the past month had never done so before. (Data Forbes ).

Is your online store ready?

If you do not yet have an E-commerce, or if your online store is not structured, you are losing opportunities and sales every day.

Today, e-commerce is the new dimension of traditional commerce.

In 2020, online sales are no longer just an alternative, but the real needle that determines the success or otherwise of a business. Selling online opens markets that traditional sales cannot reach. Makes people find new customers. It increases sales. Develops one’s business exponentially.

Those with e-commerce can satisfy customers and growing demand by increasing sales.

Those who have remained anchored only to the old offline business (physical store), unfortunately see their revenue dropping day by day.

Digital Communication

True success is a targeted and professional Web strategy

Having an e-commerce is important, but it does not sell by itself. It must be accompanied by the right publicity.

Web Marketing campaigns, Social strategies, Google ADS are just a few key points that a Communication Agency knows how to leverage to get you not only to reach Clients, but also to retain them over time .

E-commerce Italy: your business success comes through the Web


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