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App and Web App Development

With the development of Smartphones and their use, Apps have invaded the world . There are billions of them and they are now part of everyone’s daily life. Using them should be simple and intuitive, but this is only possible if App development is executed perfectly.

00UP Agency specializes in development of all types of App and Web App

Apps for mobile devices(Android or iOS) or integrated with classic online browsing(web application) and optimized in HTML.

CUSTOMIZED APP: we support Companies and Professionals to turn their ideas and projects into successful Apps

We always start from the analysis of the idea and the project for structure the App according to the type of experience you want to offer to its Users. Each App is a work in itself that requires customized content and technology, as well as a highly qualitative and captivating graphic aspect.

Our Agency specializes not only in the technological development of Apps compatible with most existing devices. In addition, we take care of their dissemination on the most important platforms used, first and foremost Google Play and Apple’s App Store. We suggest to the Client the various opportunities to monetize their app: from direct sales, to in-app purchases or banner ads.

We manage the launch of your App in the market through targeted and effective marketing strategies to ensure maximum visibility

USER FRENDLY: Intuitive, easy-to-use apps to turn an icon into a must-have app

Thanks to our expert developers we are able to transform every single idea into an App, offering our customers a preview of the work through the creation of a graphic and / or interactive prototype which will show the complete functioning of the App, before proceeding with its real development.

In this way we can not only evaluate strengths and possible changes without exceeding the set budget, but also making sure that the end user is able to use the App in a simple and really intuitive way.


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