Web Marketing campaigns to get traffic and contacts


Develop contacts with a targeted Web Marketing plan

Having a strong online presence through a professional website, Ecommerce or Landing Page is essential today, but alone is often not enough. If people can’t reach your site, it’s as if you weren’t there. For this reason, in addition to a good organic SEO job that allows you to climb Google’s results, it is important to invest in Marketing.

The 00UP Agency accompanies companies in the world of Marketing by helping them to invest the budget in the best possible way

We develop strategic Web Marketing plans to constantly obtain new contacts through professional channels and Seo and Sem actions that they guarantee useful and constant traffic on the website .

Results measurable

The secret is not to wait, but intercept new interested customers at the right time


Is critical increase the visibility of your website to ensure that people reach it and transform themselves from simple Users to real Customers. Doing so is possible through a performing Digital Marketing plan capable of combine Google Adwords Campaigns, Seo Optimization and Social ADV Campaigns together .

After a careful analysis of your company and your market, we will develop an effective marketing plan able to improve your visibility on the web e every month we will analyze the data obtained together in order to constantly adjust your strategy based on the trends of your market. Use all Web Marketing Strategies is the secret to having concrete results : to attract visitors interested in your products and / or services.


Search Engine Optimization

Content Marketing to Improve crawling, indexing and positioning of your site and its positioning in the SERPs

SEO optimization allows your site to improve its position in Google searches in an organic way, without investing budget.

SEO analysis is the first step to evaluate the interventions to be carried out: understand which are the major searches carried out, the most “trending” topics, the most searched words, … That is, we need to carry out a keywords analysis work in order to identify all the keywords and topics to be push more within the entire site to get more visits. Coherence and effectiveness are the key points of this type of work.

Another key point of SEO optimization is the technical work to ensure speed of navigation, simplicity of the User Experience and functional organization of the Site structure.

We work in an SEO perspective constantly with monthly analysis and reports to ensure that the Site climb the positions on Google and, over time, obtain the top positions: we know what Google wants and we are able to give it to them .


We develop Social Marketing Campaigns investing your budget in the best way get immediate results


Search Engine Marketing & Pay-Per-Click AdWords

Once your site begins to position itself thanks to the work done with SEO optimization, it is important to make sure that get immediate visibility . To do this, we use PPC and Adwords campaigns to ensure a increase in traffic and conversions .

Budget investing allows you to quickly increase the visibility of your online presence and transform your site into a leader in its sector through paid ads from Google ADWords and banner ads that respond to the pay per click rule and propose your advertising messages only to actually interested users , who are looking for those products or services that you offer.


Social Media Advertising

We create, manage and optimize Social ADV campaigns choosing the most appropriate advertising objective and suggesting the best budget solution

Social advertising is the most powerful way to achieve a large number of people very quickly allowing you to have a high target profiling and to show the “ads” only to users interested in the products and services you offer.

This type of advertising is offered by Social Media such as Facebook , Instagram , Twitter , LinkedIn , Pinterest and many other platforms that are widely used by all people.

Investing in Social Media Marketing is important but every strategy must be tailor-made and with all the professional tools available, to make sure that the advertising campaign is really effective. Our Agency, after having defined the target audience , examines all advertising options for create Social ADV promotions in line with the set goals and then optimizes the budget and the advertising investment to generate targeted and really useful conversions.

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